Israel Playground Fund Donation

Beit Tikvah is partnering with Together For Israel to build a playground in a community center in Nazareth.  We are VERY excited about this.  It will cost around $40,000 and will be a beautiful witness to the Israeli community of the love of God demonstrated through a Messianic congregation in Washington state.  Would you consider a donation to make this project a reality?  

This video shows Scott Volk from Together for Israel explaining the partnership with Beit Tikvah.

Beit Tikvah partnering with Together for Israel to fund Playground in Nazareth

Check out this video to see how children responded after a playground was built in their town.

Beit She'an Playground Video

Scott Volk will be preaching 4/21 and will talk about our project in Nazareth.  Wow.  What an opportunity.


Thanks for your gift! We've successfully received your contribution and deeply appreciate your generosity.